How much do your instruments sell for?

Our starting prices range from $2200 - $3600, depending on the model. In the end, it all comes down to the specifications of the instrument. 

Do you build 7 string guitars? Basses?

We offer 6 string guitars exclusively. We will offer basses soon, get stoked!

Are lefties available?

Of course, just let us know.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do. 

What are you able to do for custom finishes?

That depends on the feasibility of request. If you have a finish in mind, send us a request, we will let you know if it can be done. 

Do you do custom inlays?

We offer left aligned dot markers or blank fretboards, all of our instruments come with side dots. 

Do you offer tremolo bridges or hardware requests? 

For the time being we offer the hardware that we offer and that is all.

Do you offer artist pricing?

Running a lutherie outfit is an expensive ordeal. Consequently, everyone must pay full price for their first instrument. If we develop a good relationship beyond that, we can discuss artist pricing. 

Do you offer visits?

Yes! Send us an email through our contact page to schedule a visit. 

Do you offer cases?

We ship each instrument with a complimentary MONO Creators TSA approved gig bag. 

Can you send me a free guitar because: I promise I will feature you on my youtube channel / I'll rep it so hard on the west coast / I've been on my best behavior all year!

Never ask us this. 

Can you make me a Strat, Les Paul, SG, Telecaster, etc, clone?

No clones.